Art is a language that connects people and brings out the expression of inspiration, feelings and thoughts. Art creates a free space in which we can realize ourselves. This is what the artist Marija Mandic says. We dived straight into it and are launching our Art Edition Marija Mandic for nuuna with her.Marija Mandic has designed two books for nuuna in L and one in S format. A threefold of colourful inspiration on a book cover, revealing behind it pages in a delicate white tone, which want to be filled with flashes of ideas, sketches and thoughts.All notebooks come with a cover made of smooth recycled leather (our Smooth Bonded Leather), the finest 120g Munken paper and a solid thread stitching for perfect lay flat behaviour.The two notebooks WALKING ART and ART IS LIKE are now available in our web shop. We are curiously awaiting the small notebook in S format. To be continued ...


“Being inspired by art represents for me the way of being independent, and authentic – your own creative power that brings a change. Art is collective vibration and a transfer that visually conveys the messages of our invisible reality. Within art, everything is possible, it is as if we have to reprogram ourselves by learning how to live only from soul consciousness.”


“Working on the Art Edition for nuuna was very inspiring to me. I have always loved having a beautiful notebook for writing down my ideas and emotions – capturing the soul of a given moment. It is a very unique feeling to give your notebook a new life through your written words, and simply having it as a perfect companion in everyday life.”

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We are introducing the new Notabag + Artists collection, featuring the talented artist Marija Mandic. This is a very special collection, as for this project each Notabag has been individually hand painted by the artist and intended to contribute to a good cause. Find out more.

Marija Mandic & Michael Ellinger

‚Tools‘  Collection - Special Edition

About collaboration:

Fashion and Art have always influenced the generations through all the epochs of our time, telling us the stories about our social and cultural development.

The global impact of this creative language is not only a reflection of our cultural exchange, but also a tool of our consciousness. 'Tools' Collection shows many Bauhaus elements, as well as painting expressions on the natural fabrics, which are making the elementary sensuality visible in a very unique Avant-Garde character.

The idea of providing a refined conceptual set of unique style-tools, offers an unusually playful and genuinely multifunctional unisex creations. It is an alternative to wearing and understanding the free language of abstract art & fashion, as a combination and own uniqeness. 'Tools' Wear - Art and Fashion transformed into a new 'bridge' to the creative individualism.