Body language is our first communication with the world at our birth. Words are not necessary for the expression of feelings. We learn to speak using the voice but the true ancient  language of the heart is our energy, the power of the soul in all its beauty, merging with nature. Observing the human body and our senses as an instrument of the soul through the lens of my artistic work leads me to see global collective creation as a kind of active mirror, energy exchange and unity. Seeing the human body in so many various facets as a kind of experiment without attachment and expectation, in the space which is beyond visual reality but very close to nature, opens up the horizon of sensuality and purity. Energy connects people, even though 'frozen' in the artistic work but lively vibrating through these intense visual essences that serve as an emotional awakening at a given moment. There is a special sacredness when we dive deeper into the world of our senses that transcends anything we have ever experienced before.